West Brom opponent was Laicheng and Burnley

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West Brom's opponent was Laicheng and Burnley. Defending champion coaching change after the momentum picked up Matt Cullen Jersey, once made six straight, but including the Champions League, including nearly 4 war, blue fox 2 level 2 negative and have lost every game Bobby Farnham Jersey, and they are next week with Arsenal Play to play, physical recovery is also a problem, so the home game of West Brom has a strong chance to take 3 points. Burnley is a typical home dragon, away insects, this season away 4 level 13 negative has not won, but the home 10 wins Dominik Uher Jersey, 2 draws and 4 losses is very strong. West Braun challenge will encounter a lot of resistance, get a draw enough to let the coach Tony - Pulisi satisfied.

Manchester United striker right knee serious injury, according to British media disclosure, knee injury may lead to Ibrahimovic injury 9-12 months, not only the season reimbursement, perhaps Ibrahimovic to wait until 2018 to come back. The 35-year-old veteran is standing in the most important fork in his career, in this key node, Ibrahimovic's former club Inter Milan and AC Milan issued for the Swedish god tower sent blessing.

However, since the 2008 League Cup, Tottenham never won the championship, which, Bocetino said: "to get the Premiership semi-finals for Tottenham is already a huge success. Who do not want to win But to see what the team.For Barcelona Trevor Daley Jersey, ??Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus and Porto, the win is very common. A wealthy team to win is very common to see Barcelona, ??whether it is Guardiola, Bila Nova, Rijkaard or Enrique coaching, can win, because they are the same batch of players.


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