What Marketing and Branding Has Nike Used and How Can We Learn From It?

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What Marketing and Branding Has Nike Used and How Can We Learn From It?

nike vapormax mens sale Like the Sony Walkman, Nike has created different meanings for different people in the production stages. Too the low paid worker it means a way of making a living, whereas it represents technological innovation for the designers and people who deal with the final product.

A Nike shoe does not have any meaning until someone buys it and gives it social significance. For example young people can identify with sports celebrities like Michael Jordan. They see him in the adverts and think that if they wear the Nike trainers then they will be like him and have a part of his lifestyle.

When someone buys Nike shoes, they may be imagining themselves in the shoes and thinking about how they might look in front of their friends. 'Consumers are looking for brands that mesh with their personalities.' (Goldman and Popson, 1998: 18)

Consumers are drawn in by Nikes clever advertising and marketing and this is part of the reason why their brand has been so significant and successful. The company has always put a hugs focus on marketing and advertising, and therefore has managed to create an authentic advertising style that impresses consumers. nike air max 97 black and white When they buy the product they are buying into the messages and values promoted in the adverts.

Increasingly the advertising, representation, and identification of a brand takes place on the internet. For example, YouTube has launched a new space for advertising and many media brands have moved into this space. In the information society we live in today, it would be extremely hard for a company like Nike to exist without being in touch with the internet.

Social groups tend to identify with particular social artifacts. Identity can be linked to many things, for example, race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality. People can use cultural artifacts to construct and represent their identity. nike air presto white womens For example owning a Nike shoe suggests that you have the 'just do it' attitude.


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