When extra time had no end

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During the second world war competitive football continued in an irregular, Kirk Mclean Youth jersey somewhat confused manner, organisation being considerably more difficult when every able-bodied man of fighting – and therefore playing – age was in the armed forces or, at the very least, full-time employment. All unnecessary complications were avoided; tournaments were played regionally and quickly.

In 1940 West Ham won the Football League War Cup, a tournament of some 137 games played in the space of only nine weeks. But replays, officials decided, had complicated matters unnecessarily. The following year drawn ties were awarded Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey to the team with the superior league record, but this too caused unhappiness.
Meanwhile the Lancashire Cup experimented with a new method of settling contests: simply not stopping them until somebody scored. The first time this Authentic Kevin Huber Jersey was tried Burnley beat Everton without an enormous amount of additional time or effort, and the experiment was considered a success. In 1942 the Play to a Finish rule was adopted by the War Cup, and over the following few years it was also taken up – though not often actually used – by a variety of knockout competitions in England and Scotland. Occasionally, wacky variations were proposed: in the 1942-43 League South Cup, after 20 minutes’ extra time the match would be won by the first team to either score a goal or win a corner.
There was, however, a problem inherent in the system. “There was always a danger,” the Liverpool Echo reported in April 1944, “that two sides some time would find that the finish wouldn’t come, not even by the time the cows came home.”
Another Lancashire Cup match, between Liverpool and Everton this time, had gone to not-so-sudden death. “The longer it went on the less likely did a decision appear to be,” the Echo wrote. “After 130 minutes we had the remarkable sight of directors and managers of both sides confabbing with the players and referee on the sideline in search of a solution. Liverpool suggested tossing, but the Everton players, who seemed slightly less exhausted by the http://www.patriotsfootballofficialsauthentic.com/Donald-Trump-Jersey.html ordeal, voted for carrying on. To keep things within reasonable bounds, however, Mr Walter Cartwright representing the Lancashire FA instructed the referee to abandon the game if there was no further score in the next five minutes. There wasn’t, and the players trooped wearily off.”
This was complete lawlessness, a game played to a soundtrack of discussions on the sidelines between people attempting to improvise a way of finishing it and which ended only when a local FA official took it upon himself to change the rules of the competition to make them less inconvenient.
“We’ve got to remember that all the players are either in the forces or working. There’s no ‘laying in’ until midday. Lots of the civilian players put in a good morning’s work before the match, while service men frequently have to do morning duty before leaving camp,” the Echo complained. “I know many instances where service players have done heavy cross-country exercises with full pack on Saturday mornings, stood up most of the way by train or bus to the match, often with nothing to eat, and have then been criticised by those who didn’t know for being ‘out of condition’. They’re not out of condition. On the contrary, they must be in tip-top trim to stand what they do, but there are limits to everything.”
Players continued to strain them. In the following season’s War Cup, a match between Cardiff City and Bristol City continued for – excluding intervals – three hours and 20 minutes before Bill Rees capitalised on a goalkeeping error to head in a winner. “Pandemonium broke out,” reported the Western Mail. “The big crowd of more than http://www.nflbillsofficialauthentic.com/Nike-Kyle-Williams-Jersey.html 20,000, the excitement and tension over, invaded the field and carried shoulder-high those young City players eager hands could grasp. cheap nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys


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