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Hi guys if you have been thinking about purchasing The Truth about Six Pack Abs training routines then you have to read this review first.

The Truth about Six Pack Abs is an EBook written by Michael Geary who is a certified nutrition expert and personal trainer Cheap Roger Maris Jersey , in his book he teaches dietary techniques and training advice to gain muscle and lose fat and of course to achieve that perfect flat stomach and ripped abs that we would all love.

The Truth about Six Pack Abs is designed for anyone wanting to get into better shape, male or female, young or old and the techniques range from beginner to advanced, basically this will work for anyone and will just need tweaking accordingly.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is broken up in to sections the first is a very detailed and informative section on diet and nutrition and the author Mike Geary stresses you do not skip this section Cheap Albert Pujols Jersey , he also stresses that this is not a fad diet, what it is, is a way of eating correctly to lose weight, so for anyone out there after a magic potion or pill or some wonder supplement Cheap Red Schoendienst Jersey , unlucky guys you won t find it here, in fact you probably won t find that anywhere, not that actually works anyway.

The nutrition information is very detailed stuff and you will learn a good amount of great techniques to get fat levels lower and keep them low and none of it includes low carb diets, or low fat diets Cheap Stephen Piscotty Jersey , you eat them both but it tells you when and how to get them.

After all this info you are given seven pages of example diets to get you going too, which I thought was great.

The next section of The Truth about Six Pack Abs looks specifically at your ab workouts it gives examples of exercises to avoid and the best ones to concentrate on in order to gain the best six pack abs. Each exercises is accompanied with photos for all the exercises and the correct way to perform them, this is followed by 8 ab workout routines that increase in difficulty from levels 1 8, 8 obviously being the hardest.

The next section of The Truth About Six Pack Abs book looks at the whole body workout Cheap Trevor Rosenthal Jersey , in this section he again gives a lot of great advice, for example he gives tips on increasing the amount of calories you burn in your workouts, which was a part I particularly liked, he also stresses that even though the book is The Truth About Six Pack Abs the rest of your body is equally as important and not to devote all your time to your ab training routines Cheap Dexter Fowler Jersey , the ab training routines are in addition to the rest of your body. This section is also accompanied by photo instructions of all the individual exercises, which are followed by loads of training routines going from a beginner level to intermediate and advanced.

Basically if you are looking to get in good shape or need some new ideas or maybe you hit a plateau in your workouts The Truth about Six Pack Abs is 149 pages of pure excellent advice the best books I have purchased to date.

Also as well as The Truth about Six Pack Abs it comes with 5 bonus eBooks, which I wasn t expecting very much from but proved really good the books are as follows

Flexibility: a 13 page stretching routine book.

Sky rocket fat loss: a 41 page book by fat loss expert Tom Vento author of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (another great book).

Smoothies for athletes: 126 smoothie recipes for better athletic performance.

Stability ball exercises: 12 page book on stability ball exercises.

Turbulence training: a 33 page fast fusion fat loss book.
Author's Resource Box

check the following sites to learn more http:truthaboutsixpackabs.info http:ezinearticles?The-Truth-About-Six-Pack-Abs-Main-Program-Review&id=2490786

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