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Many of these markets have large profit margins built in by bookmakers making it extremely difficult to make money from them. In this article Cheap Barry Ashbee Jersey , I will try and explain some of the main ones you are likely to come across over the course of the season.
Even if you already think you know your stuff, the article is probably worth a read as there isbound to be something that you were not previously aware of.
The market you will probably take most bets from this season is the match or 1x2 market, as it is sometimes called.
You simply select Home win(1) , Draw (x), or Away win (2) if filling out a coupon in a UK betting shop or you can write the bet out in long hand on a slip with the odds alongside (eg Arsenal 13 to beat Stoke £100 win).
Most major bookmakers have a profit margin of between 5-12% built in, generally referred to as the overround. The equivalent market on BetFair or Betdaq is available with no profit margin but you will have to pay between 2-5% commission on your winnings, so bear this in mind when you are comparing prices at the bookies and the exchanges.
There are several different markets relating to goals in a game. The main goals market you will most likely be using will be OverUnder 2.5 goals. This sometimes confuses people who are new to football betting as there is obviously no such thing as half a goal. Not to worry it is a simply function of betting convention.
Basically Cheap Mark Howe Jersey , if you back over, then you need three goals to win, if you back under, then you want no more than two goals. The profit margin on these bets, as well as most other markets with just two outcomes, is usually between 6-8%.
Some bookmakers, as well as Betfair and Bedaq Cheap Bernie Parent Jersey , offer overunder 1.5 goals and overunder 3.5 goals and these markets work exactly the same way.
Total Goals”, is another goals market which works in a similar fashion. Usually there will be three choices, 0-1, 2-3 and 4 or more. These are pretty self explanatory. This market sometimes throws up value when the bookmaker offering the market goes too high or low on his goals quote.
For example, particular bookmakers might not factor in how many goals some teams are scoring in home games as a result of a hostile atmosphere or a quality playing surface that suits slick attacking play. Other things to consider are bad weather conditions – wind, rain or snow – that often leads to low scoring games or late injury or transfer news that make particular sides more (or less) potent on any given day.
Again, this is a pretty self explanatory bet type. It is important to remember that this is a 90 minutes market only.
If you back a team to win 1-0 in a cup game and it’s 0-0 after 90 minutes then your bet has lost Cheap Chris Pronger Jersey , even if they go on to win 1-0 in extra time. This is a market I generally avoid as the bookies enjoy a hefty profit margin.
However, occasionally, correct score markets do throw up value. For example, the 0-0 and 1-1 draw can sometimes be value when well matched, weakened or unmotivated teams face off – say in a friendly game or meaningless end of season match.
Many bookmakers also offer scorecast markets, in which you are encouraged to pick out the correct score and the first goalscorer. This is very difficult to do and consequently large prices are often available. However, the prices are nowhere near large enough Cheap Steve Mason Jersey , to reflect the risk to stakes, and it is a terrible bet from a value point of view. It is no coincidence that this is a bet that gets heavy rotation in bookmakers’ shop window and print media adverts.
As a rule, you should look to avoid bets that the bookies vigorously promote to customers. It stands to reason that the bookies don’t advertise bets where their customers are likely to exploit a weakness in the bookmakers’ prices or a style of bet where the playing field is much more level and the margins are more competitive such as an Asian Handicap bet or oversunders 2.5 goals line.
The Half time result is a market I very rarely get involved in – for no other reason than it is quite tricky to predict consistently and effectively.
Trends do emerge from time to time that might make a bet worthwhile, for example, a team that doesn’t concede or score many goals might be drawing a lot of games at half time. If bookies aren’t manually compiling this market, as many don’t (instead preferring to use computer programs) then a small bit of value might emerge, at least in theory.
Half timeFull time is another similar market. The odds are heavily in the bookies favour and prices have to be quite a way out of line to become value. Take this following is mythical example of halftimefulltime prices from Peterborough’s preseason friendly against West Ham:
There are occasions when value arises Cheap Chris Conner Jersey , such as when, a few seasons ago, under Jose Mourinho, a number of Chelsea home games were resulting in DrawChelsea results. Another example of when value arises is when there is a big move for a team in the match odds market.
Sometimes bookies can be slow to cut their half timefull time price for a team making it slight value if you combine the various combinations of HTFT scores that equate to a win for the gambled on side you want to back.
These two scorer bets are quite different markets in terms of value. First goalscorer is generally one best avoided as the margin is again very big against you. Forwards are nearly always artificially short (especially in The Champions League and top European leagues) and it is difficult enough predicting which player will score in a game let alone who will score first. The introduction of each way betting with first goalscorers by Signage is one of the m. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Football Jerseys

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