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A murder-suicide killed two people at the University of California http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Will-Butcher/ , Los Angeles on Wednesday, shutting down the campus for two hours as officers in camouflage and tactical gear responded to reports of a shooting.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck confirmed one man shot another and then himself in the engineering building and that police recovered a gun at the scene.

A Los Angeles Metro Police officer stands watch on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus after it was placed on lockdown following reports of a shooter in Los Angeles, California June 1 http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Nico-Hischier/ , 2016. Police and first responders gather outside the University of California, Los Angeles, following a shooting. Police officers search a student's belongings at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus after it was placed on lockdown following reports of a shooter in Los Angeles, California June 1 http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/ , 2016. Police officers search corridors and rooms after the report of an active shooter on a UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California, U.S. June 1, 2016 in a still image from a CCTV camera. Kara LeungUCLAHandout

"There are no suspects outstanding and no continuing threat to UCLA's campus," Beck told reporters without offering further details about the victims.

Police recovered what may turn out to be a suicide note http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Jesper-Boqvist/ , Beck said.

The shooting created a stir as some 200 police approached the scene fearing the shooter might still be active and university officials ordered the campus locked down.

President Barack Obama was briefed aboard Air Force One and he asked his team to keep him updated, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

After several tense hours, university officials announced classes would resume on Thursday.

At least three city blocks leading into the campus were filled with dozens of emergency vehicles. Officers with rifles, bulletproof vests and helmets surrounded the area.

An armored car was parked in the middle of one intersection, and helicopters clattered overhead.

UCLA http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Joseph-Blandisi/ , with more than 43,000 students, is in the Westwood section of Los Angeles and one of the more well-regarded schools in the University of California system, known for its successful sports program.

"I couldn't believe it happened at UCLA," said Sam Zheng http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Michael-McLeod/ , 38, a researcher who was working in the engineering building at the time of the shooting. "I just want to go home. I don't want to stay here."

Engineering student Aaron Feigelman said he received a text message alerting him to an emergency and entered an adjacent building, where he and five others took refuge for 90 minutes.

"We just bolted out of there and ran up to the seventh floor," Feigelman said. "We tied the bathroom door hinges with belts to keep the door closed because there were no locks. And we just waited. It was really scary."

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti praised the people of UCLA for "extraordinary grace and calm" and lamented the violence at a place of learning.

"I am heartbroken by the sight of SWAT teams running down avenues normally filled with students, and angered by the fear that one person with a firearm can inflict on a community http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Blake-Coleman/ ," Garcetti said.

Apple on Friday sued Qualcomm, accusing the California chipmaker of abusing its market power to demand unfair royalties, echoing charges filed days earlier by US antitrust regulators.

Apple said in the court filing that it has been overcharged "billions of dollars" by its chipmaking partner's "illegal scheme."

Apple also claimed Qualcomm owes it a billion dollars but is refusing to pay in retaliation for the iPhone maker's cooperating with South Korean antitrust regulators looking into the chipmaker's actions in that country.

"For many years Qualcomm has unfairly insisted on charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with," Apple said in an email statement.

"To protect this business scheme Qualcomm has taken increasingly radical steps, most recently withholding nearly US$1 billion in payments from Apple as retaliation for responding truthfully to law enforcement agencies investigating them."

The suit charges Qualcomm of building a business model on using its rights to older http://www.cheapdevilshockeyjerseys.com/Scott-Wedgewood/ , legacy technology considered telecommunication industry standards to raise royalties when Apple innovates with features such as TouchID fingerprint recognition or digital wallets in mobile devices.

"Despite being just one of over a dozen companies who contributed to basic cellular standards, Qualcomm insists on charging Apple at least five times more in payments than all the other cellular patent licensors we have agreements with combined," Apple said.


Apple noted in the suit that Qualcomm's business practices have come under scrutiny by antitrust regulators in an array of countries for selling its smartphone chipsets only to makers agreeing to its "preferred license terms" for essential mobile telecom patents.

Apple asked for a jury trial, and for damages including Qualcomm paying the company what it owes plus giving up excessive royalties it has raked in.

Qualcomm did not immediately respond to an AFP request for comment.

The Apple filing came three days after the US Federal Trade Commission filed suit in federal court in California claiming Qualcomm abused its market power in as part of its "unlawful maintenance of a monopoly in baseband processors," which are devices that enable cellular communications in phones and other products.

Qualcomm rejected the agency's case as "significantly .


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