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Why Old Wifi Hot Spots Are A Thing In The Past And The Benefits Of Adopting A Social Wifi Network. Why Old Wifi Hot Spots Are A Thing In The Past And The Benefits Of Adopting A Social Wifi Network. August 11 Cheap Jerseys China , 2015 | Author: Victor James | Posted in Advertising
If you have already decided on the type of hardware your going to purchase and know that its already compatible with the software your next step is to pick the best software to restrict content filtering, restrict bandwidth and easily manage your splash pages.

With the retail and restaurant establishments who currently offer a free WiFi system run into a number of challenges and security implementations that the USA and Canadian government . These governments are looking to put strict policies on offering free WiFi services. Many organizations who are providing “Free Hotspot Zones” should follow certain security restrictions of not allowing their customers to browse certain restricted websites. This is usually offered by hosting a controller type of environment that has the capabilities of content filtering.

The second solution to start a social WiFi offering is to purchase the additional hardware from a technology vendor and not have to worry about additional costs of licenses and monthly fees. The only additional monthly fees you would need to maintain are the hosted monthly social WiFi fee which ranges between $25cadmonth and up to $50cadmonth depending on features you require. Based on our knowledge and from what the majority of restaurants and retail stores are following is that they are mostly selecting a managed service offering and not choosing the route of purchasing their own hardware. When trying to manage your own hardware a restaurant owner will have to worry about compatible hardware with the hotspot social WiFi application.

Connectsim’s software solution enables a restaurant or retail company to utilize their social WiFi software that works with their compatible wireless hardware. Their solution offers the retail or restaurant owner to have a fully managed campaign that takes care of content filtering, bandwidth restrictions so users don’t burn through your internet rates.

Now back to the topic of other hardware you will need and licenses. For the social WiFi network you’ll just need a WiFi router that is supported by the company and a license for each sensor. A sensor is also known as a WiFi router or wireless access point. The typical license costs for a sensor ranges from $25 – $50 per month. We don’t recommend purchasing a router for a social media WiFi campaign. We strongly recommend going with a managed service program such as Connectsim.ca offering. The reason being is because you don’t have to worry about firmware upgrades when your social WiFi application gets upgraded. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, configuration or replacement. Connectim’s offering will replace the device if it goes down.

Their next package also includes a search engine optimization 3 keyword package for just a little more than the mid package.

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