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You've done hundreds of times sit ups and crunches, but when looking at the mirror, the stomach still looks bulging and has not shown any signs will show the muscle plaid aka six pack.

Many people think by training the abdominal muscles, they will get a six pack indentation. When in fact the muscle was already there, all it takes to do is just remove the fat covering it.

By training your abdominal muscles, you will make it big, as if we train biceps muscles. Whereas most of us want to shrink the stomach circumference, so we need to do a different strategy.

Here are four ways to do if you want to get a checkered belly.

Burn as much fat as possible

"If our goal is to build up the abdominal muscles, all we have to do is get rid of the fat on it," says Alwyn Cosgrove, coach and owner of a fitness gym in California.

Boxing includes exercises that burn many calories (vadimguzhva)
But the fat burning, according to Cosgrove, is better done through intensive interval training that makes breathless breath, rather than practicing cardio like jogging or cycling.

At times of strength and interval training such as a combination of burpees, push ups, jumping jacks, for example, our bodies will burn more fat as well as train the muscles. In time, the fat around the abdomen is eroded, and muscle strokes begin to appear.

Train more muscle

Exercises that use more muscles such as squats, will burn more calories than exercises that use less muscle like crunches.

Training a lot of muscle will produce six pack (Pinkypills)
In addition, the exercises with loose weights, will force the body to balance itself so that more major muscles are involved.

Without you realize, such exercise will also involve the abdominal muscles and surroundings so that the results are better than you just train certain muscles.

Try harder

Muscle fibers have different sizes and our bodies activate the muscles needed for a movement. Therefore, choose exercises that activate large muscle fibers for more calories burned.

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Weight training to build muscle (Nikolas_jkd)
This can be done in two ways, first using a heavier load, or second speed up movement so that the required effort is greater. The essence of this exercise is to challenge the body to the extent of its ability and provide opportunities for the muscles to develop.

Avoid comfort zone

Most of us feel comfortable practicing bench press in the gym so reluctant to train other muscles. And when we practice a new movement or a different tool, the body will burn more calories because he is not familiar with the movement.

Muscle training (Ivanko_Brnjakovic)
New exercise will also activate our adrenaline, increase heart rate, and release the fat from the body. In addition, more muscle is affected so the body burns more calories.

The next thing that is not less important is to regulate your diet, so that calories are burned no fewer than the calories from the food we eat.

In the above way, we will get a more proportional body shape because more muscle is being trained - which means more fat is burned. And as a bonus you can proudly show off the muscles in the stomach in the form of a six pack.

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