Xbox DVR for mu legend game

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Xbox DVR

- With the intrinsical Windows program known as "Xbox DVR" with game recording operate,

it may occupy mu legend zen memory quite necessary once enjoying games.

Windows10 Defender If you still expertise the delay once

shutting down, please terminate Xbox DVR by following the directions below.

1. Run the Xbox app from the beginning menu

2. Click the gear icon at the lowest left corner of the Xbox app to launch the Settings window

3. choose the sport [DVR tab] from the Settings window

4. put off the 'Recording game clips and screenshots mistreatment game DVR'

If you'll not realize the Xbox app, or if you'll not log in,

you can disable it by redaction the written record as follows:

However, redaction the written cheap mu legend zen record will have an effect on the Windows system, by here now.. well done, so thanks!


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