You need to be concerned if your depression persists

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Liposuction and post operation blues

It has been reported that many people undergo severe depression after their liposuction surgery. It persists through the entire recovery period. Why does this happen? Is this normal? Yes Wholesale Boston Celtics Jerseys , it is perfectly normal to undergo depression after the surgery. The depression or the intense feelings of sadness is partly due to the anesthesia and the other chemicals that were used during the surgery and medicines that you consumed. They create a chemical imbalance which contributes to post operative depression. Your Scottsdale liposuction surgeon should have kept you informed during the preparation phase about the possible spells of depression during the recovery.

Moreover, when you were preparing yourself for the surgery you were excited about the results that you anticipated from surgery and about the new image you will have in the society. Contrary to your expectations your body shape has not shown any marked difference. On the other hand the swellings in the operated area makes it look all the more worse and the pain that accompanies makes you think that you had made a wrong decision. Your mind is brooding over this and pushes your spirit that soared high in the past weeks down the drain. You are also unable to lead your normal life during this recovery period. To your dismay the scars that are left behind increases your worry. All these loom into a huge ball of frustration, sadness and your current depression. You feel completely let down.

People in depression lose hope and stop taking care of themselves well or indulge in over eating. If your doctor is an experienced person Wholesale Atlanta Hawks Jerseys , he would have prepared you well before the surgery not allowing you to enter in to such great depression. This is one of the reasons why you should approach a reputed Scottsdale liposuction specialist who can walk you through a successful recovery.

You will bounce back to normal life in few weeks time once you start seeing the results of the surgery. You need not be too worried about your depression in this stage as this is considered to be quite normal. You will have to counsel yourself saying that the pain and discomfort are just passing clouds. You must boost your spirit and take good care of yourself.

You need to be concerned if your depression persists even after few weeks. In such a scenario it would be ideal to consult your Scottsdale liposuction specialist and get his advice whether you would need any additional help to recover from this depression.

Other side effects of medication that you took during the surgery which can contribute towards your depression include constipation, digestive problems and pain in the abdomen. One of the easiest ways to deal with constipation is to consume a lot of water which will also flush your system of all residues of medicines that are still in your blood stream.

Therefore, it is not abnormal to undergo feelings of depression and sadness after your liposuction surgery. The side effects of the surgery and the disappointment of not seeing immediate results that you were expecting unconsciously Cheap Washington Wizards Jerseys , the anesthesia and other medications you took lead to this depression. This will fade away along with time.
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