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Our government can never stress enough that fire safety is enough. But , are we doing enough to help our precious ones and ourselves from being a victim of fire accidents? Well, we get to face up to the fact that we have not done enough. Fire safety is what we have to adopt to ensure that we are safe. Fire safety should be practiced indoors, at home and in offices and outdoors as well.

Many of us are aware of indoor fire safety. But, are we aware of how to fight fire that occurs during outdoor activities? Well, many of you may just say - Use a fire extinguisher. But, how do you get a fire extinguisher while outdoors?

Barbecuing is a good way to relax, eat cheap yet good barbecued food and unwind with the family and friends. But the risk of a fire break-out cannot be eliminated. This is due to the nature of the barbecue. However , there are safety measures that you can take to prevent a fire and extinguish a fire:

Do not leave your food unattended.

Do not add too much butter or oil to your food as it will increase the intensity of the fire level.

Always keep the fire bucket or any other bucket filled with water or sand.

Spending a day at the beach enjoying the sun and relaxation is the ideal way to spend the weekends with your loved ones. But did you know that even your tent holiday could lead to a fire break-out if you do not take the necessary precautions?

Your tent should be positioned at least 5 to 6 meters away from the car park.

A torch light complete with batteries should always be in your possession.

Ensure that you are aware of your exact location so that you can inform the Fire and Rescue Service in the event of an emergency.

Having a holiday on a yacht is just the way you would like to spend your day if you are a water sport lover. But, did you know that a fire can break-out even while you are on a yacht? Wait a second! Are you thinking that you can extinguish the fire with the help of sea water? I am afraid you did not know that fire spreads more rapidly while on water. Well, here are some tips that could save your lives while in danger:

Ensure that your yacht is fixed with an optical fire alarm.

Ensure that fire fighting equipment is within reach.

Always be aware of your location so that you can inform the authorities if your yacht catches fire.

An outdoor activity will be even more enjoyable knowing that your loved ones and you are safe. Go the extra mile to practice fire safety for all!
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